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#1 Seating primers flush is all that is required. I do not use Remington rifle primers but have not heard of them being too big before.
Actually, primers shoudl be seated 0.003"-0.005" below flush of case head - a nominal of 0.004" below flush. But my point is, these cannot even be seated flush without crushing. 1,000 useless primers.
If your cases are not long they don’t need trimmed. Don’t make it harder than it is.
Quote from Lyman Manual - "Case trimming is also recommended whenever loading new or once fired brass as they are often not of uniform length." Length is not always the issue, uniformity is.

SAMMI specs are not wrong, bear in mind these specs are for manufactures and are for all types of bullets. .452 is recommended by most loaders for the best accuracy with minimum leading using cast bullets. .450 or .451 will work they just might increase barrel leading.
Did you even look at the link. SAAMI specs ARE wrong on their diagram unless they recently changed 45 Colt from .452 to .4560. However .450 is not acceptable to me for a 45 colt. In fact, earlier 45 colts had grooves of .454 diameter. .450 would barely thouch the rifling without major projectile expansion. I already have titrated up to near max load without any improvement. .452 bullets work perfectly. Go measure your projectiles and see how many fall below the specs. Of the 6 different lots in my cupboard and several measured in the store, all were slightly larger than spec.

Don’t kill yourself over this. It appears your measurements are within tolerances.
Still alive. If SAAMI specs are maximum, where are these so called "tollerances".

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