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London 1860?

I noticed Cabela's/Piettia is selling a '60 London Model. It has all the attributes of the '51 London and looks to also have the real "Peacemaker-Shaped" grip contour rather than the thin and pointy usual Piettia shape.
Was there ever a '60 Lpndon Model sold?
This Piettia revolver is a very nice looking gun and reasonablly priced. It might be an intresting addition.
My only objection to the '60/'61Navy Models is the additional 1/2" of barrel. I know that you can feel the additional weight of the '60 shaped barrel on the 5 1/2" Piettia Police Model. There is a lot of additional steel surrounding the Creeper Ram and it shows in balance. In fact my Piettia Police feels just as heavy as my '51 Uberti London, balance-wise. You can feel the additional steel just ahead of the cylinder.
I sure hope someone can answer the question of the '60 London Model as I understood the London Factory closed before it could be made.
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