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Another "well said" to SingleSix

on a different point-
When I explain the exact ordinance I want enforced and the cops wants to know if I have a law degree it tends to infuriate educated people. You don't have to be a lawyer to READ the local ordinances and laws.
Both the cop and complainant have the obligation to keep their emotions in check.
There are also seven magic words that almost always work when faced with a cop that is reluctant to enforce an ordinance …
"I want to swear out a complaint." It immediately tells them you are serious, and believe yourself to be in the right.
It also (usually) puts you on the hook to show up in court. If you’re not willing to do that, though … how important is it that the ordinance is enforced ? Why should it be important to the cop if the person "wronged" doesn’t see it as important enough to see it enforced himself?
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