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New to handgun IPSC, curious about rifle.

After one match, I know that IPSC is fun. I like it.

So, I've also considered getting into the rifle categories too.

The guy at my range showed me his comp gun: a short barrel AR from Schmeisser with "all" the trimmings: conpensator, red dot sight, holographic sight. Looks cool but that is not going to happen for me. Waaay too much €$€$€.

I'm not really fussed about my standing in league tables, providing I am not getting worse.
So, when I saw the recently mentioned CZ 858 on sale, new, for €320 I thought that perhaps the rifle league was not so unattainable, after all.

Would a 7.62x39 semi automatic like that CZ be OK for an IPSC category?

Also, is a bolt action a complete waste of time, in these sorts of competitions? I'd like a .22 rifle but having a use for it sure makes buying easier to justify. I see that rifle has no minimum power factor, and mini-rifle is set at .22LR.

I could buy an entry level .22 bolt and this CZ for less than €600!!
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