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I got some one weekend while up at our place in the country. I ran off and left my Imperial sitting on my bench at home.

I had the wife pick me up a can while she was at Wally World. I usually use it int eh same manner as the Imperial, I set up the cases I am going to lube in the loading tray, then slather some across both palms then grab up 4 or 5 cases and roll them together between my hands. I do 12 or so then add a dab more lube. When I am done I just wipe whatever is left on my hands off on a shop towel and go on with my loading.

If you do a web search for "Fr. Frog's Loading Pages" there is a link there to one of his pages that has a bunch of different home made or improvised lubes on it. Look it up then scroll down. I think it is on the right hand side about half way down or so.
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