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I see a lot of anti-police stuff on the Internet these days. Some of it is bad, and a lot of it is just plain, unabashed hatred for LEOs. I hate to say it, but I've even seen some of this on TFL on occasion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no one I know of in the LE biz expects the public to love them. If that's what we wanted, we'd have become firemen. I will also candidly admit that there are some police officers who are arrogant, abusive, and occasionally, even criminals themselves. I should point out, however, that these people were already jerks, or even potential criminals, BEFORE they started in LE, and no amount of pre-employment screening, psych testing, etc., will keep them out completely. Nevertheless, they are still the minority. I ask only this, of both my fellow TFL folks, and of the public in general: Please consider judging LEOs as individuals, rather than as a group.
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