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Sticking Cylinder on S&W 66 Revolver.

I recently purchased a used S&W 66 revolver in 38 special. The gun is in great shape and shoots well for a short barrel revolver. However, one of the cylinders has an issue. When trying to eject the spent rounds, 5 of the cylinders virtually allow the spent rounds to drop out with gravity. The 6th cylinder sticks after the spent round has been ejected about 1/4" to 3/8". It sticks so bad that even the ejector rod has trouble getting it to budge. I had to push down the ejector rod on top of a shooting bench to get the round out of that cylinder.

Why would one cylinder behave this way? I cleaned it real well and that didn't seem to solve the problem. Should I risk using some sandpaper on a dowel to slightly enlarge the back portion of that cylinder's inside diameter?

Would it be a more intelligent decision to take it to a professional gunsmith and have him work on it?

Any inputs, suggestions or ideas, would be appreciated.
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