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I have had one since they came out. Ordered it through my local gun shop. I would love to know how many were actually made? When people ask about the gun I shoot and I tell them, they all say, I didn't know they made Wingmasters in 3.5". It is a very nice shooting gun, but definately barks with the big shells. I have a problem with it, if I put a 3.5" in the pipe and follow it with two more, when I touch off the first round, the second and third shell feed right into the receiver thereby jamming it effectively. I now run a 3" shell in the pipe to start (when late season hunting) followed by 2 big shells. I shoot it for everything from doves to geese and sporting clays to trap..

From what I can tell by looking at it compared to other 870s is the bolt is basically the same as a normal 870 with the exception of the "dust cover" a shiny thin metal cover outside the bolt. The ejection port is larger to accomodate the 3.5" shells and the chamber is larger.

If Remington came out with it again, I would "port" the barrel and take out the cone to reduce recoil and re-invent the bolt. But the main thing would be to upgrade the magazine shell release would need to be beefed up.

Anyone here venture a guess on what these guns are worth??
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