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Was charged by a bear tonight.

Well if any of you know me you know you know I live in a black where bears visit daily. Theres been a new bear coming around lately. Tonight I had the dogs out in the pen when they started barking historically. My GSD barks at everything under the sun but the only time by husky hybrid ever barks or huffs is when a bear is around. So I grab the big flashlight and the .357 and go get them. I looked around and saw nothing so I let the dogs out to come inside. What I didn't know was the bear was on the side of my house and after hearing me decided to walk over to the front of the house behind me to check things out. As soon as I let the dogs out the blast past me and attack the bear. I call them off and put them into the house and start to yell at the bear to chase him off away from my house when he stops, turns around, and charges at me huffing and chomping. I fired a shot into the ground and he stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and ran away. After hearing the shot my wife ran out with the shotgun and dogs. I have never fired my 357 without hearing protection but let me tell you a 180 gr buffalo bore leaves you deaf for five minutes. Very weird behavior for this young bear who was maybe 2 or 3 years old and maybe 200 lbs max. I usually end up with 4 or 5 good bear stories by the end of the summer. This was only just second time ever being full on charged at close range. Really gets the heart pumping.
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