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I finally bought a chrono, and was able to chrono four different .327 Federal concoctions. Nothing earth shattering here, but at least it's true data, and not simply anecdotes!
I hope to keep experimenting and updating as I do.

85gr Hornady XTP loaded to cannelure over 11.5gr Alliant 2400
1,229 FPS low, 1,342 FPS high and 1,286 FPS average.

85gr Hornady XTP loaded to cannelure over 12.2gr Alliant 2400
1,288 FPS low, 1,385 FPS high and 1,341 FPS average.

85gr Hornady XTP loaded to cannelure over 7.5gr IMR 800-X
1,415 FPS low, 1,517 FPS high and 1,477 FPS average.

100gr Hornady XTP loaded to cannelure over 9.4gr Accurate#7
1,442 FPS low, 1,481 FPS high and 1,462 FPS average.

Stuff that matters
Platform is 5.5" Ruger Blackhawk .327, Stainless
Brass was all non-nickel FC brass, multi-times fired
Chrono was Chrony Beta Master on it's maiden voyage (idiot running it!)
Elevation was a few feet above sea level in Ohio, 86 degrees and super sunny with not near enough of a breeze.

The load data with Alliant 2400 powder is halfway made-up and half-way taken with reference to Alliant's craptastic online source. Do not consider this as a "published load" because it isn't. But IME, this is not a heavy load and is more than safe. Standard caveat: I really like Alliant powders but someone needs to be publicly flogged over their available load data. Alliant, you suck. Signed: everyone.

The load data with the IMR 800-X is a max load as per Hodgdon's online data center. Feels like there is room to go up, but 800-X published data -ALWAYS- stays low when it feels like there is room to climb...I might guess that 800-X gets goofy at some point. Also, it's murderous to meter this stuff-- it's like running Corn Flakes through your powder measure.

The load data with the Accurate#7 is a published max load from Accurate. this one does "feel" like it's running near the red line in blast and recoil (for the cartridge, I mean, c'mon!)

Please use common sense if you wish to try and replicate these loads by starting lower and slowing working toward them. And if you do...please share your results!
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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