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Happy memories with a "FOX", new member!

Thanks Slugo, for bringing to mind some great memories of mine when seeing the picture of the Fox SxS! I started hunting @ age 5 carrying a Fox SxS 410ga with a cut-off stock. Squirrel season opens here in Louisiana the 1st weekend of October and I had that sweet handling little charm laid across my legs every morning I could that fall of 1968. Remaining there waiting on sunrise just after my "Uncle Freddie" left me by myself, I sat leaned against an oak tree in Kisatchie National Forest hearing the sounds of strange mysterious beast and 'Bigfoot' lurking, and that little shotgun kept me secure until I saw the monster really making the noise was a Fox Squirrel! I managed to bag that squirrel with my first shot and I have been so thankful every second since then that my uncle and grandfather taught me how to shoot and hunt. I used that Fox SxS 410ga for 2 years learning to hunt then grandpa got me a Browning Sweet 16 and the Fox was passed down to my next brother and brother after him. Since then my 2 nephews & neice in order started hunting at age 5 with that same Fox SxS 410ga shotgun.

I am always watching out for another 410ga like that one, or any other gauge. They have become harder to find nowdays. Still can close my eyes and fell one in my hands, nothing else compares to a double barrel IMO.

So thanks again and hello to all you primer poppers out there.

"To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people
always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young,
how to use them..."--Richard Henry Lee,
Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic(1787-1788
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