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45 Colt BP loads for Cattleman Hombre

Not new to BP shooting or reloading smokeless, but new to BP carridge reloading.

I've just gotten an Uberti Cattleman Hombre, ( 45 Colt )which I'd like to run BP through. I don't know enough about the strength of the gun. Would a load of 35 grains fffg of Goex with a 250 grain lead bullet be a load that the gun can handle without blowing it up? I've shot that same grain load out of my BP 1860 and Remmie guns, but with the lighter 451 Hornady swaged round balls - how different is it with a cased load and the larger bullet?

I also don't know enough about bullet lubes - are they entirely necessary? Could I smear a blob of Bore Butter in the creases (forgive me if that's the wrong term ) and be good with that?

I am aware of the need for no space between bullet and powder ( normal for BP in the other guns ). Would a good rule of thumb be to hear no rattle inside the case after the bullet is seated?

There's always contradictory information and suggestions when it comes to reloading - I'd like to iron them out before I start into this aspect of reloading.
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