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Thats crap, there is no reason what so ever to shoot at a running antelope.

I've shot running boar (targets not animals), use to be good at it, I've taught shooting movers in sniper schools BUT I'd never shoot a running antelope or any other critter.

I don't care how many tires you shot, its not the same.

How many here can tell the difference between an antelope running 30 mph or 45 mph at 100 yards? I doubt any of us can, so what do we have.

At 45 MPH a critter is running 66.15 fps, at 30 its 44.1 fps. The time of flight of a 243 @ 3000 fps MV has a time of flight (TOF) of .1034.

So you have to lead the critter 6.615 if running 30 MPH or 4.41 if running 45 mph. That's two feet difference.

Can you judge 2 feet in front of a running antelope???? I highly doubt it, but if you're off, you have a wounded critter off to die a painful death.

Also when the critter jumps up and starts running, it takes a second to get up to speed, (suckers are quick), In that second can you tell if the animal is 100 or 110 or 90 yards away, I highly doubt it.

Again, there is no reason what so ever for shooting at a running antelope (or any other animals).

Antelope are majestic creatures and deserve fair chase and clean kills. Not having their legs shot off or gut shot by an unethical hunter who's too lazy to wait until they stop and start your stalk all over.
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