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Was the Bison a nuisance situation?
Not really. Custer (SD) State Park has lots of wild bison. Every fall they auction off excess. I bought the sucker with the ideal of turning it loose in my back pasture and after a few days hunting it, but mainly for the meat. (They have lots of meat).


First off, it wasn't happy being loaded in the trailer. When I got it home my wife and granddaughter thought it was hungry so they decided to feed dern near tore my trailer apart.

I figured turning it loose was a bad ideal, I'd end up fixing fences for days.

So I decide to shoot it in the trailer to keep from having to repair fences.

I called my neighbor, the local taxidermy for advice on shooting it with out tearing up the future mount. So he comes over, tells me not to use the rifle but use a pistol.

OK, so I stick my Model 28 inside the trailer and promply bounce a bullet off his forehead. Now he's really mad. My so called taxidermy is rolling on the ground laughing.

I start to get the rifle and he says no, "draw an imaganary line from the base of the horn to the eye, then from the other horn to the eye, where the lines would cross is where I want to shoot. That worked.

I took the picture using my Remington Rolling Block in 44-90 Sharps BN, so I'd have a story for the grandkids. But turns out the real story is better then anything I could make up.
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