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Get a case or incident number when reporting an incident.

It will be the way to follow up.

Also, if it is a repeat situation (drug house, loud parties and various bad neighbors etc) you want to attach that incident to the case or incident number, otherwise it gets scattered and is a low level issue.

If you an get enough incidents on file, then it triggers a response (they get billed, charges get pressed, it gets taken more seriously than a one off)

Insist on your rights. No I do not do what makes the officer happy, I do what I need to get my situation handled. Its my taxes and I am a good citizen, I get the service, not the scum (I do know it has to be on their time line due to emergencies).

Case in point when my neighbor tore out my property corner and was trying to take over 2 feet of my property.

The officer just wanted to let it go, blew it off.

I would not, I called in my surveyor who confimred the location, it was gone, it was 30 inch rebar and you do not remove one of those accidentally.

I would not let it go until I had an agreement that the neighbors would let the surveyor put the corner back in (concrete monument this time!).

Yes LEO is busy, but they are also there to serve us. You loose your neighborhood and they are going to be busier than ever. You loose your qulaity of life along with it. Some time spent snuffing something now can save tens of thousand latter as well as keeping your area crime free as possible.

Be polite, but be firm if you are not being taken seriously or blown off.
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