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Originally Posted by evoasis
Sorry if I sound like the "other side" but as an aspiring LEO, I believe it's everyone's responsibility to ensure our public servants are policed.
Agreed up to a point, but I have a problem with your (implied) primary purpose for those recording devices. While cameras do help keep some cops "in line", their primary purpose should always be to ensure that the truth comes out in any criminal or internal affairs investigation.

Keep in mind that a common tactic used by criminals caught with their hands in the cookie jar is to file false complaints against the arresting officers. They view it as a form of revenge.

Before we installed cameras in our cruisers, complaints of abuse, theft, etc. against us were common. Numerous lawsuits were filed, but the City always thought it was far cheaper to settle out of court. Maybe so, but the involved officer(s) never had a chance to clear their name and forever had a shadow of doubt hanging over their integrity.

When we first installed cameras in our cruisers, our officers absolutely hated them, and proactive policing dropped off considerably. They were sure that the only purpose those cameras served was to spy on them.

Today, the opposite is true. Our guys wouldn't be without them and I've actually had guys ask to switch cruisers when their assigned cars had a faulty camera. And the interesting thing is that, since we installed cameras, there hasn't been one serious complaint sustained, and lawsuits have dropped off to near zero .

My apology that this was a tad bit off topic, but I felt that this was an issue that needed addressing.
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