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Moly Coating

My recomendation would be to buy another bowl for your vibrating tumbler and dedicate it to Moly use. Small amounts of moly has the potential to make HUGE messes, and the bowl is not easy to clean out after a few applications. Do it outside, or in a separate building as it is very noisy also. After you get a smooth coating on your bullets, you need to coat them by tumbling in some clean media with a little paste wax. Coating is not mandatory, but if they get wet, the moly will acceleraate corrosion of the bullets in loaded ammo. Buy your moly powder from a small oil products company (I got 5 pounds for $40.00) rather than the online moly kits that give you a couple ounces for $25.00. It goes a long way, I still have about 4 pounds left after probably 100k of .223 55 grainers.
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