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You do need to remove the normal media first. I wipe it down with a dryer sheet then add the moly powder. One or two table spoons is more then enough per 100 bullets. You will need to empty the left over moly powder prior to using the normal media again. The dryer sheets again work after you pour out any moly left in there. The brand of vib. tumber shouldn't make any difference. If the tub seems slightly discolored after doing bullets it will be looking normal again after doing some cases with normal media. The dryer sheets work nicely when I tumble brass.

Moly will reduce cooper fouling but, it then leaves moly in the barrel. Moly is easy to clean from the barrel by just normally cleaning it. I suggest starting with a clean barrel prior to using moly coated bullets.

You will probably notice the speed of the bullet increases because of the lube.

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