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Hornady Interlock for elk?

I hunt elk in the Idaho panhandle where the timber is thick and the ranges short. Last fall I killed a medium sized cow with my new Mossberg .270 with a Nosler 140 grain Accubond and was very satisfied with the bullet performance. It took the top off the heart and broke the off-side leg.

This fall I would like to use my scoped Mosin-Nagant 7.62 X 54R and an accurate (1 3/8" 100 yard group) handload I worked up which uses a 150 grain, .312 diameter Hornady Interlock at 2800 FPS. Since the bore slugs at .312, bullet selection is fairly limited. Does anyone have experience with this bullet on elk? The cow season was eliminated this year, so it would be used on a bull if I get an opportunity.

I really want to take an animal with the Mosin. Is this bullet up to the task or should I save it for deer and use the .270 for my elk hunt?
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