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1st off... Welcome to TFL

Klondike, eh? Approx 10,500 made (so I read online) Market demand & value? Dunno. There's one on gunsamerica w/ box, asking price $1K, which seems the norm asking price w/ everything included.

Gold plated.

Might have some demand from someone in Canada or Alaska or family members whose great grandpa was there during the "rush"... but I has my doubts.

Winchester made a whole heck of a lot of commemoratives. Lever actions aren't as cool now as they were back in the day, and pimpalicious golden guns attract a certain crowd only (Having said that, I have my Dad's old 66 Centennial, box, papers etc he paid $125 back in 66, and I doubt I could get $400-500 for it pristine, realistically. Not that I'd sell it.)

Not much help, I know.
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