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You have gotten some good advice on both ends of the spectrum.

Me personally, I choose the Partitions for the higher velocity rounds like my 25-06 or in the 7mm STW, where I might shoot a critter up close at a higher velocity. This keeps most of the damage to a minimum from what it would have been with a standard cup and core type bullet. I don't hunt anything bigger than a few 300+ pound hogs and they are on the rarity side of things.

This said, the 129's you ordered should give you plenty of velocity, and weight for penetration on a longer shot, even from your shorter barrel. The thing a lot of folks fail to consider when going light is even if started out faster, once the range starts to be stretched out, they also slow down faster than a heavier bullet that has been started out a bit slower. Not only that on the longer shots the penetration is sometimes highly lacking.

When I developed loads for my first 25-06 I started out using the 100gr bullets at top end velocity. while they worked fine at 75 - 150 or 200yds, they were overly explosive at short range and didn't give adequate penetration at longer distances. I then went to the 120's but I couldn't get them to shoot as well as I wanted, so I backed off to the 15gr Partition. With it, I got almost the velocity I got with the 100gr, but with the added weight and construction, much better performance on close up shots and more than enough penetration out to 400yds as well.

I think you will be fine with the bullet you selected, good luck, and good shooting.
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