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This is correct

Every so often, an officer just has to use force, be it tazer or OC spray...either of which is far preferable to using PR-24 side-handled batons, ASP batons, or fists.
Tazer, or the new and improved pepper spray, and especially the pepper spray, are non lethal, non physically injuring, compliance tools.

In the old days, physical force and major pain compliance were the only ways to gain control and complete an arrest when all else failed. The end result was the in custody sometimes displayed symptoms of physical damage. It usually required a stop at the local hospital for treatment and a signed release to be booked.

OC and the Tazer left no visible damage, but by some departments policies it still usually required a hospital clearance.

Officers went from pain and injury submission to simple pain suppression without actual physical injury.

Bottom line, If you can not talk him in, then get the guy in with the least physical destruction. This newer stuff does that.

What some young coppers thought was it’s easy to fight um in to jail. What they soon learned was they have to be out there every night. You can not last 30 years by fighting somebody every night.
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