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Furnaces for Casting

The trick to getting a 10#er to not drip is to keep as clean a alloy as possible & hang a small set of visegrips on the handle .

A 20# will almost float the rod asm. when filled to capacity so a little weight added to the handle asm works there also .

Knowing what I know now a 20# pro-4 would be the minimum pot , big enuff for 6 cavity molds, adjustabe mold guide , & the top is big enuff ya can actually get a spoon or ladle in to ladle pour with .

Care is quick & easy , after cool downI give em a lite coat of WD-40

Now ,with that said as much as a Lee bottom pour is over the small Lyman 4# dipper a Lyman or RCBS furnace is over the Lee pot ,BUT alot more $$$

I own a 10# Lee , 20# pro 4-20 & a Lyman 20 mag & they all serve different purposes !!
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