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Estate's are the "low end" Federal shells...( left over floor sweepings probably) ...?? ....and I think they're really dirty.

Federal shells in general, I think are pretty dirty ...and I don't know what powder they use...but shooting them smells a little bit like old sweat socks left in a locker too long...

Rem Gun Clubs use the same recipe as Rem STS or Rem Nitro hulls...but the gun club hulls are thinner ..and more brittle ...and they'll crack in 3 or 4 reloads...vs the STS hull in 12ga or 20ga will last for 20+ reloads. I'm not saying don't keep some of the Rem Gun Clubs for reloading down the road ...but I wouldn't keep 5,000 of them either ...
If you're just tossing out your probably doesn't matter what you shoot..../ cut a couple of the shells open....and look at the shot ..roll it around see how uniform it is ....vs the other shells you like .../ take a few shells to the pattern board...and see how they pattern / or do you have some holes in the pattern... That'll really tell you which one you'll prefer...

I reload Rem STS or Nitro hulls in 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410 ....( although in a 28ga - they are not very tough / and the hull tends to break inside the brass cup...)...
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