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AND it's on sale right now!

Deepcore, definitely get the lee pro-4-20 lb furnace. The lee 10 pound production pot is notorious for leaking because it's valve rod is at an angle, this limits the sealing capacity. The access to the melted lead is also less, because the valve rod is in the way to stir the melt.

The 4-20 is a much better design, allows 4 inches of clearance under the spout. The adjustable mold guide is a plus. Also, the 20 pound capacity makes more boolits before having to stop to refill. Important when making a lot of heavy lead!

If you look at the link I posted for the 4-20, scroll down to the suggested products, notice the forth item. It's the heating element that's wrapped around the bottom of the steel pot itself. It almost never needs replacing, but you can see what it looks like. A glance of the pot once in-hand, you can see where it enters and exits the crucible, between the tower and crucible.
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