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Federal or Gun Club - which do you prefer and why?

So I just ordered some Estate shells #9 1 ounce from Cabelas on sale with free shipping. They are nice to have around for a bit of a softer round sometimes, and particularly for newer shooters.

I was looking around Cabelas - they have the Federal red white and blue shells, as well as the breast cancer pink ones for 59.99 for a flat. I can get a flat of Gun clubs (same 1 1/8 ounce #8) at Dicks for 59.98. At Dicks I pay tax, with Cabelas I wait for the delivery man.

I don't yet reload, but have kept my gun club shells lately in the event I ever start reloading 12s, I'll have a bit of head start.

With that said, I have found the WallyWorld Federals to burn a bit dirtier than the Gun Club. Do you find the same thing? Do you find the "special labeled" shells also burn dirtier?

All things being equal, I tend to favor the Gun Clubs, but at 7% higher for the tax, after a few flats, it ends up costing me an extra box or two of shells for the privilege.

So, Federal or Gun Clubs?

Oh, forgot to mention - I shoot both a Beretta 390 as well as a new to me Winchester 101 - but the 101 has sub gauge sets, so I will likely be shooting more 20 out of that one for the time being - because I can

I shoot 5-6 rounds when I go shooting, and have been trying to go at least once a week - although Mother's day screwed that up

Then I just need to figure out where to get some economical 28 and 410s - like that will ever happen.
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