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Well I'm not ashamed to say that I love handloading/ testing ammo. I love it so much my 2003 Champion bassboat has been parked for over a year... Shooting the loads are only a necessary evil to me like buying more powder and bullets.

I have only two rifles left to develop loads for, .243 win, and another .270 win.

and i hope it takes alot of testing!!!!
I understand what you are saying! I let my 2007 Skeeter 21i set in the shop for 10 months. After realizing I had not fished in 10months and how much money I wasted on gas, stabile, and oil, she was put up for sale. I just sold my Skeeter 3 weeks ago, and made $1,100 after payoff. That $1,100 went to buying a new AR, and dies for it. I can't decide if I like shooting or reloading more.
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