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53-5-704. Bureau duties -- Permit to carry concealed firearm -- Certification for concealed firearms instructor -- Requirements for issuance -- Violation -- Denial, suspension, or revocation -- Appeal procedure.
(1) (a) The bureau shall issue a permit to carry a concealed firearm for lawful self defense to an applicant who is 21 years of age or older within 60 days after receiving an application, unless the bureau finds proof that the applicant does not meet the qualifications set forth in Subsection (2).
(b) The permit is valid throughout the state for five years, without restriction, except as otherwise provided by Section 53-5-710.
(c) The provisions of Subsections 76-10-504(1) and (2), and Section 76-10-505 do not apply to a person issued a permit under Subsection (1)(a).

The portion of 53-5-704 that I quoted only requires that a person be issued a permit to legally carry concealed. Utah code is silent on whether the permit must be on one's person while carrying, unlike the vehicle code that requires a driver's license be in one's immediate physical possession while driving. I have read on a local CCW board that BCI has advised new permitees that they can legally carry now that their permit has been issued but not yet received in the mail. Permit status can be checked by Utah police officers via their on-board computer or via dispatcher.

EDITED TO ADD: The administrative regulation requiring a permitee to inform an officer under certain conditions was allowed to expire. BCI explains this nuance on its FAQ page:
If I get stopped by a police officer, do I, as a permit holder, have to tell the officer that I have a gun in my possession?

Although there is no legal requirement to identify yourself to a law enforcement officer, it is recommended to do so.

If an officer finds or sees a gun on your person during their contact with you, and you have not identified yourself as a permit holder in legal possession of a firearm, the officer may assume you are carrying the gun illegally and may take defensive action. For the safety of all involved, it is recommended to immediately identify yourself to the officer as a permit holder in possession of a handgun. This action gives the officer some assurance they are most likely dealing with a law abiding citizen.

Note that BCI only suggests that a permit holder "identify" oneself as a permit holder and doesn't suggest that the permit holder show or display his permit to the officer.

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