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I don't see the need to spend all that kindof money for those pistols. I believe my old 89 Pietta 58 RNA will shoot just as good with the same loads as they were using. When I first got that gun I didn't know anything about cap and ball pistols and every one I knew that shot firearms wouldn't trust it enough to shoot it with me. So after doing my homework and reading up on them and trying different loads and ball sizes I finly started getting the hang of it. So far that first Remmie 58 NA is the best bp pistol I've ever owned. It is still tight as a drum I found out I didn't have to use a large amont of powder to have a pistol that would shoot in the same hole on the target. Some of the newer models I've bought are not put together as well as this one. Maybe I just got lucky with that one. I was looking at a Uberti at the gunshop the other day and thought about grabbing that one up but that little small voice inside me kept saying "you don't need it, you don't need it" so I left it setten there.. If you can get a good one a Piette or Uberti I believe I'd try holding on to it. I will say this the writing on the side of the barrel of my Piettas hasn't hurt the way they shoot one bet. I agree the Uberti with the writing under the barrel do's make for a pretter gun but for the money you can almost get two fine shooting Piettas for the price of one Uberti. Both are proned to having the same brake down problems. All you haft to do is fix um. Say you don't know how, well there's folks right here on this fourm that can walk you through most anything you need to know. Don't ask me how I know . I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for hearing me out. Hope we're still friends.


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