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Originally Posted by Sport45 View Post
Really? You joined in Feb '11 and have over 180 posts. That should allow access to sell in the Classifieds unless you've been banned for some reason.
Actually that's what happened, when I first started here I put up a wtb p226 mags via my cell phone it was in the wtb section. And I checked back later to see if it got any hits it wasn't there I figured my cell phone must not have worked right so I got back on my cell phone and just clicked submit again then checked back later it wasn't there same thing figured my phone was just being all spastic so one more time then checked back it wasn't there again and I no longer had access to the classifieds section. Emailed a mod and he said I'd be banned for improper posting. And i had my thread deleted several times then he or she got tired of deleting it then just blocked me. No warning or anything. Just banned...I posted in the for sale section on another forum sgw I believe it was and I messed up on something a moderator pmed me about it I changed it and sold the product no hiccups or anything. So I wasn't expecting just to be banned without sending a message

Not trying to start anything just explaining myself.

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