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DE Drops NM - - New Format for WA --- Seeking Assistance

Delaware has dropped New Mexico from the list of states it honors. NM has not add/removed any states from the list of states it honors in over three weeks now.

Washington State Dept of Licensing Firearms Unit is going to a different format for their CPL. It will be more the size of a Drivers license to make it easier to carry. is very interested in obtaining an image of the new Washington CPL. Now if we can get Washington to honor more states!

Nevada has made it official. They will start honoring South Carolina July 1, 2012 is adding “Must Inform Officer” Section to every state page. This section will give the law on must display on demand etc if a state has such a law. The states that have a law stating you must inform right away already have that information. Many people don’t realize that some states require that you must inform the officer right away that you have a permit/license and must inform them upon contact. Some are reading, “Must Inform Officer” NO and thinking you don’t have to ever tell them you have a firearm or present your Permit/License if ask. This is mainly new carries who have not been exposed to all the ins and outs of carrying in the different states. I am having difficulty finding anything for AL, CA, DE, GA, HI, ID, MA NH, NJ, RI and UT laws stating you must carry and display your permit/license. Any assistance would be appreciated with these states if you have any information.
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