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Loading .223 on an XL650 (or any progressive)

Hi everyone,

So I've been loading various pistol cartridges for quite a while and have finally decided to step into doing .223 and maybe .308 later on down the road but I'm concerned about one step.

I've got a Dillon XL650 and a RCBS Turret press, so I'd like to use the Dillon since it's super fast...but... case trimming is where I get hung up.

Do any of you load .223 (for AR's) on an XL650 and how do you trim the brass? Since once it hits the size deprime station on the progressive press the newly sized brass is immediately primed on the downstroke. My only thought is to deprime and size the brass on the turret press, then trim it, then just move on over to the Dillon for priming/powder/seating.

Really hope I'm making a mountain out of a molehill- what do you all do?
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