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My final response on this posting.

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old roper
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Posts: 367 oldmanFCSA, Are you just learning that Bart B doesn't like groups shooter and the only accurate rifle is F-Class. It's funny but you get on they include the F-Class shooters and you get on they include all type match shooters.

I sure don't mind learning from match shooters but bad mouth others isn't the way to go and I'm surprise it's gone this far here.

Oh by the way Bart B I deleted you PM to me as I wasn't interested in your bragging on you F-Class scores!!!
Semper Fi

Old Roper - Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated.

However -

I've held off from responding to several of the last postings as I feel we are just "feeding Bart B's ego". Now don't surmise this as a personal attack on Bart B, it is the general feeling of many Forum Members here, especially upon reading other topics referencing Long Range shooting.

His constant request for Largest Group size at 1000 yards is inmaterial to this topic as outside conditions are the largest factor in shooting group sizes, user ability, wind condition, rain, snow, hail, etc,. We at FCSA, and many other shooting groups, shoot in all those varying conditions, not in an underground 100 yard facility as Bart B likes to use for his testing, as stated in some of his other threads. Being able to test in a facility like that has NO real world application to the Outside World.

I highly recommend this topic be LOCKED. Before it gets ugly.

Anyone who wishes to contact me to further this topic, other than Bart B, please PM me.

I'm done.
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