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What makes a good silencer?

I've just had my Ruger MkIII barrel threaded and I collect it tomorrow.

And, this time next week, I should be a bona fide, sub'ed up IPSC shooter.

This leaves me with the option of being able to buy certain accessories that are not available to the SD licence holder.

These include lasers and silencers. I want to buy the latter.
Prices vary greatly. I can pick one up for €25 or €300.

One model I am considering is about €70.
It is dismantleable for cleaning and the maker says he will refund if I find a quieter one.
A nice offer, but hard to prove one way or thte other, unless you can try a whole bunch FOC, with sound equipment handy, so possibly just marketing hot air...

It is nice and narrow and light, so the sights do not suffer.

Is it worth it? I don't know yet.
Partly, I'm trusting my range guys, but then they are selling it.

So, which characteristics should I look for when choosing a silencer, either in terms of perfromance, or in terms of longevity/durability.
I hope to research a bit other models that are available.
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