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Crimp for a single shot?

I need some advice.

I recieved as a Valentine and as a souvenir a Cooper Mdl22 VDM,6.5/284, 26",1/8. Beautiful walnut.

I've relocated to Ms Coast, so I have had to order everything I need. As soon as I recieve bullets I'll be ready to start reloading. I have to load the rounds I'll need to zero, so I want to do as right as possible for me.

So far I have recieved redding dies, two piece, trim die, 100 pieces Lapua brass, shell holder powder,rl22 and 4831sc, and bore guide. I ordered and mounted a Vortex Viper PST,FFP, 6x24 ect.

Let me note that I started reloading In 1976 for 30-30, then 7mag and 300WM, 7.7Jap and 9mm. I sold it all in the eighties and just since 06 have gotten back into it. I now load for 300WBY, 340WBY, 223, 44mag and now will start for 6.5/284.

This is the first single shot centerfire I have ever tried to reload for and need to know how much, if any crimp am I going to need? I have almost always reloaded for heavy recoiling or semi-automatic firearms, so crimping was necessary. Being a single shot there is no recoil setback, so would neck tension alone be adequate?

I'll be using the load that the guy at Cooper gave me when I called; 142gr SMK, 49gr RL22,start at 3" oal and work out. Only they used Norma brass and I'll be using Lapua.

I'm thinking I should crimp just to know I'm staying on coal when chambering. But is it really necessary?
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