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vault doors?

I am building a new home at the present time and am a couple days away from ordering a vault door for the safe room/gun vault. This is going to be a steel reinforced 6" thick poured concrete wall and roof that will double as a master bedroom walk in closet. The entire house has been designed to make entry harder than normal complete with a couple ugly ol dogs that will have to be taken out to gain entry. But the idea has been to make a thief have to peel back the layers only to gain access and realize he now faces a vault holding all the real goodies. It has to also double as a place my new wife and daughter can seek shelter from storms and thugs and lock the door from inside in a hurry. It is going to have inside dimensions of 8' wide by 13' long with a a 7'5' inside height of ceiling.

I found the following and am trying to make a decision or will take new suggestions...

The e class door from here


this from rhino vault

I'm really open to suggestions... The first two are going to cost me roughly $2500 delivered the last is going to set me back another grand... Anybody know any other place to look that will fall in that $2500 and maybe give me more?


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