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I found alot of helpful info on DSCs website, as well as Lindens and Livingstons. I had one question though banjobart, you said Livingston shot IPSC but their website and faiello5 says they are an IDPA club? Can someone clarify which, or both? And I have been unable to find any info on Dimondale. Anyone have a website or contact name for that club? Thanks to everyone. Your info has been a great help, but I would still like to know which Toledo club you shot at banjobart.
CrowShooter, the "bum steer" as you call it wasn't really a "bum steer", just an email response which was very hard to follow (as if it was written by a 4 year old) which I think basically told me I should bring all my questions to the shoot, instead of him answering my email, which would be alright if that particular club wasn't two hours away. It was an IDPA club, not IPSC, not that that means anything.
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