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Well they DO circle, Shortwave. It's just that that circle is a couple of miles in diameter!
That's of course unless your well trained rabbit hunting beagle wakes up one day and decides he/she would like to start running deer. Seem it'll(deer) will then run into the next county.

...........When I said a LOT of land, I meant several thousand acres, not several hundred
Yes you're correct...I should have said 1000 acre farms/ranches instead of 100 acre.

Still, the bias issue and a very real lack of understanding are probably insurmountable obstacles. It is amusing tho, that some of the most vocal critics hereabouts will declare themselves as being more "sportsman like" in that they use tree stands and feeders. When they're next to a dog hunt area they invariably set up their stands either right on the edge of...
Having been fortunate enough to have hunted down South, out West and of course Ohio and surrounding states, IMO, most very opinionated people in regards to hunting styles are that way cause they've never got out of their backyards to hunt.
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