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And the winner is..................

Thanks to everyone who so graciously provided input on my chrony problem. I just got back from the range where I applied some of the suggestions I received. First I loaded five 10 packs of rounds with various COAL's. Some had been fireformed and some were new brass which I FL sized. All were otherwise previously established loads. I grabbed my faithful old .22 semi auto rifle and some ammo for it.

At the range I set up my chronograph as far as I could without dragging the display into the dirt in front of the bench. Once I had my target set up I set up and aligned the chrony. I fired 10 shots through it with the .22 to see if it appeared to be functioning properly. It gave me a spread of about 40 FPS on 10 rounds so I figured that was probably o.k. for old ammo in a wore out 22.

Next I anxiously grabbed some of my handloads and hoped for good news. Well, out of the 5 loads I got what I consider to be great news. The bullet seating depth was the issue. In the extreme range catagory I got 2 31's, a 40, a 65 and an 81. This is not great but it is FAR better than I was getting.

So now I have at least (with the help of all you nice people out there) identified an issue I can work on. Now it's time to get back to the bench and do some more loading.

Again, thanks to everyone.

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