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Any old .22lr will be affordable to feed. There are a lot of them on the C&R list.
Just so we are all on the same page here: the C&R list DOES NOT include all of the C&R guns. A C&R is any gun over 50 yrs old (that meets originality criteria). So any 22, made on or before 1962 is game. The list is more for guns that may not fall under the 50 yr umbrella. In addition to 1890s and 1906s, most 61s, 62s, 63s, and many other Winchesters fall under it. Remember, 50 yr old + original = C&R.

Now of course, if the barrel is cut, and the gun is re-chambered, or other major alterations, then it will not fall under C&R classification.
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