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Yeah I was just funnin Mykeal She gets swabbed before the first load and between each shot with a patch soaked in Windex with vinegar and only lubed with either moosemilk or bore butter for the patches.
My homemade patches were moosemilk and my storebought were prelubed with what looked like borebutter.
Danged if it didn't seem to like the storebought precut patches better than my homemades cut at the muzzle
She cleaned up like nothin with just hot water ,a bit o Dawn and some patches. I dried her off with towels and compressed air . I check her visually every day as she sets about 4' away from the computer. 3 days after cleaning I ran some clean white ,tight patches with windex down the bore and they came out pristine.
I very much doubt I will have problem 1 with her.
Of course next range trip I will be retesting all my components with larger powder charges at longer range
I love load development
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