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I appreciate the reply's and the information. I am, at this time, not planning on purchasing a 6.5 mm or 30 caliber can. I already have a 22 can that is rated for rimfire, but not centerfire loads. I often use this on my Ruger 10/22 so I am not interested in a conversion kit at this time.

I do re-load, but really don't have the time to work up a subsonic load. This combination will be used primarily for full power 5.56 loads. I just want a magazine or two of subsonic for occasionally punching paper, ringing steel, or small varmints.


Thank you for your input, the Bushmaster is the more common 1:9 twist so it may not stabilize the really heavy stuff. I have researched this a great deal and will shoot any loads I try without the suppressor on paper to ensure they are stable and are not key holing.

The can I chose is user serviceable and Smith Enterprise states they will replace a baffle or end cap in the event of a strike. The gentleman I spoke with at Smith Enterprise states that baffle/end cap strikes are inevitable. The can if full auto rated and is a relatively light weight can.

I will look into the Engel Ballistic Research loadings. I again thank you mingheemouse.

Of note: Texas recently approved hunting with silencers/suppressors
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