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Well they DO circle, Shortwave. It's just that that circle is a couple of miles in diameter!...........When I said a LOT of land, I meant several thousand acres, not several hundred. One club I know locally has some 11000 acres and with a proper road setup can control a race fairly well, still they've had incidents with dogs on highways and I'm aware of at least one accident due to them. Probably 2000, depending on its layout, is a minimal amount to do it right.

Now, that said, that's doing it with fast dogs, using vehicles as cut off methods and maintaining control via tracking collars or GPS units for one's hounds. If one has close ranging dogs then the issue is quite different, frankly, having grown up in W.Va I see no reason that both styles could not be used there, particularly in the eastern part of that State. Still, the bias issue and a very real lack of understanding are probably insurmountable obstacles. It is amusing tho, that some of the most vocal critics hereabouts will declare themselves as being more "sportsman like" in that they use tree stands and feeders. When they're next to a dog hunt area they invariably set up their stands either right on the edge of that area or, if it's public land, directly in known run areas..........yeah, they're "still hunters" "still" hunting over someone else's dogs.....hardly ethical in my view.

I jokingly offer my old friends back there a 100.00 cash if they can kill a buck fairly in front of dogs here, 200.00 if it's a racked buck! A couple have made the trip down, got utterly frazzled and left with an entirely different outlook on the practice!

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