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and how many springs did you have to replace to keep it operating? You replaced several barrels are were still operating the same recoil and extractor spring? How many extractors?
Same extractor. However I might add, I bought the rifle in 1977, I started shooting for the NG, and in the early 80s I left it with Gene Barnett (Barnett Barrels, and armor for the NGB MTU) who converted it to a Heavy Match. I assume he replased the op guide spring when he put in a match spring guide.

But since then I haven't replaced any springs, extractors or anything else excluding barrels.

No barrel is going to hold up with the amount of rounds I put through it. Same with the sling, after years of use the leather slings get stretched.

None of the other internals, bolt, extractor, etc have been replaced. AND IT STILL SHOOTS TODAY.

The trick to NM M1A/M14 is not to take them out of the stock. There is no need, every thing that needs cleaned can be cleaned without removing the action from the stock.
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