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most of the add on fixes are more of an afterthought, where with the AR's, they are part of the design.
To be fair to the M1A, that's not really the case. This is all the M-16 was ever originally designed to be.

It was never designed to be a match gun. It was never designed to be scoped. It was never designed for free-float hand-guards. none of that was ever "part" of the original design.

I ain't buying that one little bit. I got my M1A in 1977 and have been shooting it quite heavily since. Shot for the NG until I retired in '92 and still shoot it in competition, which requires quite a bit of practice besides the matches.

I have had to replace a couple barrels and stretched out slings but that's it.
and how many springs did you have to replace to keep it operating? You replaced several barrels are were still operating the same recoil and extractor spring? How many extractors?
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