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There both on my short list
Even though I don’t consider a cz 82 the same as other old c&r guns
It’s such a great deal I can’t pass it up
when I received the p-64’s I wish that I would have ordered a cz82 instead of one of the p-64’s
but the new trigger springs should be here by the end of the week for them
they are accurate enough so once I get the springs in they should be pretty nice
but don’t think they will be as nice as a cz-82
But should have both the cz-82 and nagant soon just need to sell something first just don’t know what I like everything I have left
did break into the savings for a 380 cz-24 supposed to be in good shape with 85% bluing no import marks add didn’t say anything about military acceptance marks but the guy selling it thought it was a bring back some scratches but looked good from the pictures I got it for $340
I think I did pretty good on it
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