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wheelyfun. If money isn't a problem I'd tell you to look up Dixie Gun Works and Cabelas and see what they have there that you like. I may get into trouble telling you this but the 1858 Remingtion New Army is a good pistol to start with. They are easy to sight in and are strong. The steel frame guns are what a lot of folks go with so you want be haveing to load it with just light loads like 20 to 25 grs of powder. The main thing is most of these pistols will last you a life time if you don't try to magnum load them all the time. I would try 20 grs at 25 yrds and see what kind of groups you get the first time and go up from there. You will notice that every time you start to go up 5 grs the groups will change and open up. add 5 more grs and more than likle you'll see the groups open up a little more. Then try those same loads at longer rangers say 50 yrds and then 75 yrds using the same loads. You can find the load your gun likes fairly easy. Most can do pretty good all the way out to 100 yrds. About the only thing you'll have to change on a 1858 is the height of the front sight. You may haft to take off about 1/16th of an inch to get it to shoot to POA. After you get use to this revolver you may want to try a Colt revolver out. Any way you go you want to have fun shooting these guns. Be careful because once the black powder bug bites you you will have all kind of bp revolvers juming out at you and a house full of them. Don't ask me how I know. Have fun and be safe. You have all kind af fellas here that can help you out. Like some have said Pietta is making real good products now and Uberti is suppose to be a little better. I have some of both and the Piettas are as good or better as the others made today. Also the price is still good on the Pietta revolvers from Cableas or Dixie. Yes Pietta puts the writing on the side of the barrels but that don't bother me in the least and they do make some guns that Uberti don't make I wish they did. Just start off slow and you'll do just fine.

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