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Movie studio guns are rarely so detailed, and that one looks "correct" right down to the markings (the Red 9 doesn't have the Mauser "banner" on the left side, but that is a detail). The parts are not correct, either, though they probably function well enough to give the "locked breech" feel to the gun.

The ejector pin markings on the frame are a sign of investment casting; they eject the part from the mold and in doing so leave that unmistakeable circular mark.

Those guns are mostly made in Japan and sell for good prices in Japan and in other countries where real handguns are prohibited. They provide collectors with something about as close as legally possible to the real thing.

The barrels are plugged both for safety reasons in case someone did get hold of live ammunition, and because the law bans any thing that can fire a cartridge. That gun would probably blow up if fired, but if the barrel were not blocked it COULD be loaded and COULD fire, so legally it would be a gun and its owner could be sentenced to a long prison term.

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