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Welcome to Missouri Buffalo Wing especially right in the middle of summer where our humidity will kick your butt LOL! We have a gun club in Sedalia that has a few members from Whiteman and it has quite a bit to offer. To initially become a member costs $90 then yearly renewal fees are only $40. The only other fees you encounter will be if you shoot trap or skeet and I'm not certain what that cost is per round but it's very economical. There's also an added fee if you want to be a pool member as it's optional. If you primarily shoot handguns or rifles, there are no fees involved with that. I've been a member there for probably 10 years now and thoroughly enjoy it. Here's a link to our website which gives a little bit more info and feel free to PM me if you want any more particular information and I'll help out as best as I can.

I'm sure you can probably find a member at Whiteman that would take you as a guest if you want to check it out but in the event you can't, get with me and we can go shooting sometime to see if you would be interested in it.

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