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Colt 1851 help

Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out on a gun I have recently found.

I've had a specialist view it and he said it was in fairly good condition, all original parts and a legit peice.

It's a colt revolver in the origional wooden box.

Its an 1851 model with the London address on the top, it also has 'JFB' engraved onto the handle. I've researched my family tree but there's no one with those initials.

Serial numbers 1622 so I believe it was made in 1855?

Unfortunately as I'm posting on my phone I cannot upload photos.

A dealer thinks its a special order gun, it's got the 7 and a half inch barrell and English proofs on the chamber. There's a kind of floral engraving over parts of the gun but no scene on the barrell.

A dealer also believes it was used in the Crimean war

It also has colts patent engraved on the left hand side of the gun.

I've spoken to a few dealers and there valuations are from £500 - £4000

Could anyone help me out please?
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